Topics for conference

We have a standing call for any topics for conference which are of interest of Alcoholics Anonymous, particularly topics which would increase the secularism in AA or help promote a secular approach to recovery. 

Topics currently being developed include (group, AA area and country in brackets):

  1. A call to allow groups, via their group conscience, to develop their own version of the 12 steps and display them in their meeting next to the 12 steps as they appear in the big book. Given that AA has modified the steps in the big book (between the printing of the first and second edition), this should not be controversial.
    (Quad A Canberra - Area B Australia)
  2.  That all service offices and 12 step calls advise Secular patrons of Secular meetings. 
    (Quad A Canberra - Area B Australia)
  3. Canberra to be the host city of the next, fourth International Conference of Secular AA.
    (Quad A Canberra - Area B Australia)

Please contact us with any topics that you would like to see posted here -